Industrial-Lighting Systems :

Indoor-industrial lighting:
Floodlights with metal halide /mercury lamps 70W, 125W, 250W, 400W, 1000W and 2000W for production halls or store halls, where complete lighting is required.
Industrial High-Bay fittings for high halls. Energy economizing by low hanging hight + energy saving lamp technology.
Fluorescent lighting fixtures for low buildings, working stations or office areas.     more ...
Outdoor-industrial lighting:
Floodlights for attractive, coloured lighting of building, chimney, plant or harbour. Energy saving h.p.s. or m.h. luminaries for secure traffic or landscape lighting.
In-ground-lights in mh or fluorescent technology for hidden building lighting.
In-ground Led lights, with colour-change option for attractive entrance lumination, way marking or traffic regulation / store signalization / security help.
Post and wall lights in water-resistant and stainless steel versions for passway and plant lighting in many nice designs.     more ...
Industrial Lighting-controls
Multimedia systems for presentations and p.r. shows
Automatic colour-changing or chasing systems for attractive outdoor lighting.
Dimming systems for factory hall, office, store. Daylight /dawn controlled or for energy economization.     more ...
Professional industrial-lighting:
We help in planning, manufacture to customers specification and offer technical support. 48 hours express service for Europe.
74 hours for the most areas worldwide like Middle-East, U.A.E., Russia, Africa.
96 hours for distant areas like Far-East, USA, isles.
Export, distribution, wholesale and direct sale of high quality to very exciting prices.
Download our electronic catalog incl. pricings or send us your plan or inquiry. - This is the begin to improve your environment.

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